ESE 570: Homework Policy

There are several important points I would like to make regarding homeworks.

Academic Integrity

The statement of the policy for academic integrity of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is included each semester in the Washington University course-listings bulletin at the beginning of the SEAS section. All students in this course are subject to this policy.

Working together

Students tend to work together on problem sets. This is fine as long as you are trying to understand the material together. This cannot turn into one student copying from another. That is expressly forbidden. I recommend that you discuss with other students the concepts needed to solve problems, then go write up your own solutions. If two or more students hand in identical problem sets, the minimum possible penalty is having a zero grade assigned to that problem set. Harsher penalties may be applied within the guidelines of the school. Repeated offenses will be treated as severely as possible.

Back Files

Use of backfiles from previous editions of this course in solving problem sets is considered unethical. Don't do it. See the academic-integrity policy.

Other Textbooks

Use of other reference material including journal papers and textbooks is strongly encouraged, both for assisting you with homework assignments and studying for exams. Doing so should lead to a deeper understanding of the principles in this field.


You can use anything you want to study for an exam including back files.

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